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Mobile Billing, what’s in a name:

Mobile billing has various names in the various countries, like for example Operator Billing, Direct Billing, Content Billing, Mobile Content Billing, Direct Operator Billing (DOB), Mobile Payment & Mobile Enablers (MPME), Wap Billing or MobilePay. These names all mean the same. One click billing (sometimes two clicks) for your content on a mobile internet screen (Wap). Mobile billing allows consumers to click and pay via their mobile telephone bills or prepaid balance. In some countries this billing method can also be used in order to bill Web content.

Global Mobile Billing Connections:

Globway has integrated at this moment Mobile Billing in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Norway, UK (United Kingdom – Payforit), Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Kenya, Poland and Portugal. In 2015 we will start in other Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland). Other countries on the rollout map are for example Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Peru, Taiwan, Philipines.

Technical Mobile Billing Connections:

The variety of Mobile Billing connections, as each operator / provider has his own API, is translated by our highly experienced technical staff to One API for our partners. Your technical team is in direct connection with our technical team, no account managers or other office staff in between. This results in fast implementation processes and quick communication in case of questions or changes. Globway has a 365 days a year, 24 hours a day technical support in order to be able to respond every moment of the year to changes or (support) outages. All planned outages from operators and providers are commiunicated via an online reporting tool where our partners can also find their statistical information and their Notice-to-bills.

Why choose Globway’s Mobile Billing Connections?

– we have a large fast expanding mobile billing network;
– we offer you interesting payouts due to the high volumes;
– our business experience over the last 20 years helps your business grow;
– our mutual business is built on long lasting relationships and personal contact;
– we do what we say that we do and keep partners well informed about the progress.

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